Universal Buying Form [UBF] software and forms were launched in 1994 as an initiative of the AFBA and software developer John Keenan of dennis, Keenan & associates. The product was based on dka’s LBS system Since then all major grocery accounts, a number of mass merchants, and a section of the liquor industry have all relied on the system to ensure that product data is correct both for new lines, and for specification and pricing changes.

UBF has over 750 users in the grocery segment when brokers are included in the user base. ABML markets the software program, provides annual support to users, and provides the UISF and UPC forms to over 1200 Australian and New Zealand customers.

UBF software is much more than a program to fill out forms and in fact is a powerful data base equipped with the potential to turn it into you order entry and invoicing system.

The software comes in single user and multi-company/broker licences and training is available through ABML.

Join the growing band of UBF software users and enjoy eUBF capability with Woolworths. No more pre-printed forms for Woolworths, and all your submissions are electronically stored.

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